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Street Shooting

Saturday saw Liddy and I in the company of a bunch of Tacoma Photographic Society Photo Nuts. We all hopped on the Link Light Rail at Angle Lake Station and rode up to Westlake where we spent the morning on the street.†

Cinco d’ Mayo was a good day!


Really it was a great day! Of course, I paid for it in the morning. Head hurts. Sore all over. You might think I had been out on a drinking binge. Well for me, it probably was. Two glasses of wine, a glass of…

A Seattle Weekend

January in Seattle

We had a window of opportunity and clear skies, so we headed up to Seattle to shoot the town and the University of Washington.

Pike Market, September 2017

Pike Place Public Market

Last week Liddy and I spent a few hours at Pike Place Public Market in Seattle. We like to take Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail from Angle Lake in Tuckwila up to Westlake Center. Then we walk down to the market on Pine Street.
I enjoy the opportunity to get out and observe the tourists. Liddy enjoys to opportunity to learn to stay close, and mind her manners in crowded places.
Here are the photos from the day.