A New Year Challenge

A challenge for the new year. Read the post for the details on this shot.

Welcome to 2019.

I have set myself a challenge that requires two things from me:

  1. Get control of the light
  2. Improve on Liddy’s self-control.

This shot of Liddy with a black background and a reflection off of the floor was created with existing light. The reflection is off of a piece of jet black acrylic. It’s a 3-foot square sheet which is probably a bit small for this.

I created the black background in photoshop by quickly (not very well) masking around her. What I want to do is to create this shot totally in camera. This will require a long exposure in a dark room with better lighting.

This image of a sewing machine device was relatively easy. It didn’t breath or fidget during the 10-second exposure. Liddy, on the other hand, seems to want to move in that time. This shot was exposed for 0.8-seconds and we got an ok shot.

The long exposure will require Liddy to pose absolutely still for 10 to 20 seconds – a challenge for a cattle dog but I know she is up for it. I don’t really think it will be too difficult. The trick is to keep her focused without raising her excitement level.

Should be fun!