A Northwest Moment

I have been roaming about the Pacific Northwest for most of my life. It is a wonderful place with magnificent scenery and a colorful history. Spend a moment with Liddy and me as we explore the world.

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There is a road on the Northwest corner of Mount Rainier National Park that winds its way up along the Carbon River ending at Mowich Lake. The road is not paved. And as the short season progresses, it becomes quite the washboard. Liddy and I drove our Prius up to Mowich at the beginning of […]

First attempt at star photography. The Milky Way from Sunrise in Mt Rainier NP. The skies were partially obscured by smoke from wildfires.

Recently, Liddy and I met up with friends from the Tacoma Photographic Society at Tipsoo Lake. Tipsoo is located just below Chinook Pass on Washington Highway 410. Because it is so easy to get too, it is a very popular spot. This shot was taken just after sunset. We were a bit disappointed with the […]

Liddy and I took a moment to visit Mount Rainier National Park on Thursday, last. The plan was to capture some video and get some wildflowers in the alpine meadows. Later in the evening, we would meet up with some of my friends from the Tacoma Photographic Society at Tipsoo Lake. That was the plan

When composing a photo, the good ones are usually very simple. Few distractions. That same philosophy applies to web design – simple. It also applies to life – remove the distractions. Our previous site had a slick interface between Lightroom and WordPress. The plugin – WP/LR-Sync – worked great. In some ways too great. Create […]