About Liddy

Liddy is an Australian Cattle Dog / Australian Shepard mix. When she joined us, we were told she was two years old.

Cattle Dogs, also known as Blue Heelers, or Queensland Heelers were bred to help move the Australian cattle herds across the sub-continent. They are smart, tough and hard workers. You can find out more details at the American Kennel Club (AKC) and wikipedia

Liddy came to us in May of 2013 and quickly let us know that if we weren’t going to give her a job, she was going to make one. We found a trainer at PawsAbilities, in Fife, WA where we were educated in the ways of the Heeler, and dog training in general (its not really about training the dog.)

Dave originally hired her to walk him. She forced him to get up from behind his desk and go walk every day. Still does. Her duties have grown to include notifying him when alarms are beeping in the kitchen, or June is calling from the other side of a shop. These Signal Dog Services are growing as Liddy and Dave identify more ways she can be of assistance.

AKC Titles

Even though Liddy is a mixed breed, there are lots of AKC titles she can acquire. As of this update her proper name is:


To break it down:

We are actively training for higher titles in Rally-O and Obedience. We play at home with new tricks which would qualify Liddy at a higher Trick Dog level. We also train her on new ways to help Dave with his hearing issues.

Training is never done! We are always learning.

Therapy Dog

Liddy was registered with Therapy Dogs International (TDI). We enjoy visiting with kids at a number of schools in our community, and with assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, TDI will not have Service Dogs working under their umbrella, so we have let this membership lapse.

Liddy is a very cooperative model and doesn’t mind posing for silly and serious photos. Please enjoy this gallery.

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