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If it isn’t domesticated, and it moves, then it probably belongs here.

Red on White

Last week Liddy and I made a quick run south to Mt. Saint Helens. The weather forcast promised sun with clouds. It had the potential for a stellar sunset. Nothing ventured, nothing gained they say. We hopped into the Prius and headed south. We…

On Shooting Bald Eagles

Putting Shooting and Bald Eagles together like this in a title is pure click bait. On the other hand, that is what I want to ramble on about in this post. That and wildlife photography in general.

Pretty in Pink

Springtime is wonderful! After weeks of drab dreary days. Of snow and rain and cold. The promise of Spring brings new life.

Spring Blossoms

Always carry your camera! While I don’t have 1k$ iPhone or Galaxy S10, I do have an ok camera in my phone.
It’s not good enough to make this kind of shot though.

Bridal Veil Creek

Bridal Veil Falls is a popular stop along the Historic Columbia River Highway. There is a B&B on the high side of the highway, opposite the parking lot provided by Oregon Parks. At the risk of being called a heretic, I am going to…

A Question…

We were in Florida for the first two weeks of December. It was great! The first week was at Cape Canaveral. It was quiet because … well because it was the first week of December. The locals thought it was cold – lows of…

Aspen Groves

Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park Our featured image is of the a young and an old Ponderosa Pine surrounded by a copse of Aspens in their fall finery. There is something about the two pine trees that speaks to me. The location in general… Well…

Sandhill Cranes

A flight of Sandhill Cranes take to the sky above the fields near Othello, WA

Point Reyes Wildlife

This post features a very handsome Tule Elk Stag and some other wildlife we observed at Point Reyes National Seashore. He and his harem were grazing near the road to Tomales Point.

The End of March

Warming Up

Already! But it was only yesterday I was making excuses for skipping Christmas. Time does fly when you are having fun. So… Where have we been? Well, we have been busy. Went up to Mt Vernon and Conway to shoot Snow Geese and Swans….