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Liddy is a Signal Dog, Therapy Dog, and Best Friend!

Mt Rainier Sunset

The plan was… Drive up to Tipsoo Lake and check out the wildflowers. Continue south to Stevens Canyon Road. Visit Silver Falls, move on to Paradise to shoot wildflowers. Double back to Reflection Lake to get a sunset shot of the mountain. That was…

Vista House

Any trip to the Columbia Gorge must include a moment at the Vista House. This unique building is perched atop the southern bluffs of the Columbia Gorge like a sentinel. The views are amazing as you can see from my previous post, and almost…

Cape Disappointment

Othello Tunnels

When driving east from Vancouver, BC, it is likely you will take Highway 5 and climb up over the Coquihalla Pass. If you can, take a moment to visit the Othello Tunnels. They are an engineering masterpiece, in a stunning river canyon.


Liddy is watching these Northwestern Salamanders swimming about in a lake.

Had to Mow the Lawn Today

Had to Mow the Lawn Today

Liddy is such a trooper. She likes to pitch in and help wherever she can.