A Northwest Moment is about

Dave Scott and his canine companion, Liddy, as they ramble about the Northwest, and other places as may strike their fancy.

The Northwest

Quite some years ago now, I began exploring the Northwest Quadrant. That upper left corner of the compass. This driven by the fact that I was, and still am, living on the West Coast of North America. Then I was living in British Columbia, Canada, now we call the State of Washington, our home.

This a particularly beautiful part of the world. Rugged coastlines, stunning mountains, amazing forests. Some of the longest rivers in the world are within a few hours drive from our door. Some of the most desolate deserts have been turned green by the water from these rivers. Just an amazing place for stunning vistas and landscapes. A great place for an aspiring photographer.


I have always been fascinated with the men and women who came to the Northwest before me. The Native Americans have a culture that has so many interesting and diverse ideas and artifacts. The Europeans came by land and by sea, in search of wealth and prosperity and knowledge. Some of these explorers were my childhood heroes: Alexander Mackenzie; Simon Fraser; and David Thompson. Thompson was an amazing map maker who’s work enabled the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

You can’t mention Northwest explorations without mentioning Captain James Cook, or Captain George Vancouver. More amazing map makers. The Spanish and Russians were also early visitors to the Northwest.

So what do these guys have to do with my Northwest Moment?

Well, my childhood fascination with these events and people continues. I want to know them better. I want to understand them better. Even more so today as we have been able get past some of our European, White, biases and now see them in the context of a land that was already settled by intelligent peoples who, but for the lack of a pen, could have withstood the European invasion.

The Moment

As an aspiring photographer, I admire the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson. I love his use of the phrase The Decisive Moment. A phrase that became the title of his first book (English Translation).

When we take the Northwest, and The Decisive Moment, what better way to describe what I am trying to do here. Capture the Northwest Moment.

OK, so you will find that street photography like that which was practiced by Cartier-Bresson is not really my style, I think the title works well.

A Northwest Gentleman of Leisure

A Gentleman of Leisure, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is:

A man who derives a living from their own financial assets or has other sources of irregular income leaving them financially secure without any typical employment, duties, or financial responsibilities.

I think Gentleman of Leisure is a much better label than Retired, don’t you?


As I stated earlier, I like to explore. Liddy, and I go off to ramble through town, or through the woods. Usually, there is a camera hung on my shoulder to record the moment.

Later, when I come home, if something on the ramble strikes my fancy, I will sit down at the keyboard and tell the story. As you can see from this one, I can ramble on a bit.

Ramblings of a Northwest Gentleman of Leisure

And there you have it. This site is about my ramblings around the Northwest. I hope you find our stories interesting, and the pictures worthy of a moment of your time. A Northwest Moment.