About the Moment

Dave & Liddy

Liddy and Dave

Hi there. I am Dave Scott and you will usually find my canine companion, Liddy, close by my side.

Quite some years ago now, my family migrated from Great Britain to the Greater Vancouver Area of British Columbia. Except for several years in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and the Northern reaches of Alberta, I have lived in the Pacific Northwest ever since.

Today, we call the small town of Bonney Lake home.
It’s about 25 minutes east of Tacoma, Washington.
Mount Rainier is only 30 miles away to the South East.

My Explorations

This a particularly beautiful part of the world. Rugged coastlines, stunning mountains, amazing forests. Some of the longest rivers in the world are within a few hours drive from our door. Some of the most desolate deserts have been turned green by the water from these rivers. Just an amazing place for stunning vistas and landscapes. A great place for an aspiring photographer.

As a teen and young man, I loved to go out hiking in the mountains. I took my young bride, June, on many trips across the Northwest to see the places these heroes of mine had seen. Now, with our children raised and on their own paths, I have an opportunity to get out and explore some more.

A Northwest Moment

As an aspiring photographer, I admire the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson. I love his use of the phrase The Decisive Moment. A phrase that became the title of his first book (English Translation).

So… A modern day explorer, and an aspiring photographer. A Northwest Moment captures both of these ideas in one phrase. I hope I do it justice.

A Northwest Gentleman of Leisure

A Gentleman of Leisure, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is:

A man who derives a living from their own financial assets or has other sources of irregular income leaving them financially secure without any typical employment, duties, or financial responsibilities.

I think Gentleman of Leisure is a much better label than Retired, don’t you?


As I stated earlier, I like to explore. Liddy, and I go rambling through town, or through the woods. Usually, there is a camera hung on my shoulder to record the moment.

Later, when I come home, if something on the ramble strikes my fancy, I will sit down at the keyboard and tell the story. As you can see from this one, I can ramble on a bit.

Ramblings of a Northwest Gentleman of Leisure

And there you have it. This site is about my ramblings around the Northwest. I hope you find our stories interesting, and the pictures worthy of a moment of your time. A Northwest Moment.