Kaua’i. The Garden Isle

This was our first visit to the Island of Kaua’i. I had a number of things planned. You know, places to visit, things to see, beaches to laze on.

From Honolulu, we flew Hawaiian Air into Lihu’e. A short hop.

After visiting Costco and Petco in Lihu’e, we drove north on Hawaii Route 56. It is a pretty drive following the coast and passing through a number of small towns. The traffic was horrible. Backed up for miles just like SR 167 at home.


Princeville is a grocery store surrounded by resort condominiums. We were booked into Wyndham’s Shearwater Resort. It is situated on the cliffs above ’Anini Beach.

One of those buildings on the left, top floor. That was our home for the days we were in Princeville

I think it is great when you can set up the tripod and shoot a magnificent sunrise without having to leave your lanai. I’m sure there are more spectacular mornings, but hey, we only had a few days.

Early morning looking east from Princeville towards the Kilauea Lighthouse and Wildlife Reserve.

’Anini Beach

November 1st. A Friday and the sky was clear – head for the beach!

There is something about the way waves curl and crash onto the reef that I find fascinating – I’m looking for the perfect symmetry.
Liddy & June enjoy the water at ‘Anini Beach

June and Liddy enjoy the water at ’Anini Beach

’Anini Beach is a great beach. Because of the offshore reef, you don’t have to worry about being hit by a monster wave. It’s shallow so easy to paddle about with the kids, or the dog. On this Friday, we weren’t the only people there, but it was a long walk to the next umbrella.

Between Princeville, where our resort was located, and Kilauea Lighthouse, there is ‘Anini Beach. Protected by a reef, the waves crash well away from this long, shallow beach.

Kilauea Lighthouse

Kilauea Point is where Kilauea Lighthouse and Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge are located.

Dave and June at Kilauea Lighthouse.

This is a close as we got to the Lighthouse. We were here at 9:30 am on our way to visit some quilting shops in Lihu`e and Kapaa. The Kīlauea Point Refuge is open from 10:00 am through 4:00 pm, Tuesdays through Saturday, so we will have to investigate the red-footed boobies another time.

Traffic south to Lihu`e was as miserable on Saturday morning as it was on Friday. I feel for the residents.

June had us stop at Kapaia Stitchery. Great shop with bright island-themed fabrics. If you are into quilting, this is a must-do! I bought two island made shirts here.

Heading back north, we stopped at Vicky’s Fabrics. Another wonderful little fabric shop bedecked with quilts. June enjoyed chatting up Vicky and her daughter and yes, we did come away from both shops with a selection of fabrics and notions.

Kilauea Lighthouse is on the northernmost tip of Kaua’i. It was built as a navigational reference as opposed to a hazard warning.
The red tint to the cliffs is because of the early morning sun just rising over the ocean on our right.

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