Mt Rainier in the Spring is stunning with its pristine white dress of snow. I love to drive up to Chinook Pass shortly after the highway (Washington SR 410) is reopened after a long cold winter. It is one of the more Picturesque highways in the Cascades I think.

Chinook Pass doesn’t quite break 5,500 feet, but the drive east from Enumclaw is well worth the time. Liddy and I drove up yesterday and were not disappointed. Blue skies and the usual fantastic views of Mt Rainier made it relaxing and refreshing.

There isn’t as much snow as we have seen in past years so I expect Tipsoo Lake will be clear before June is done. Liddy thought it was a great day to sit and bask in the sun.

Liddy enjoys getting up into the mountains. As May was coming to a close, we drove up to Chinook Pass to check out the snow pack

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