The Salish Sea

A long time ago I lived on the North Shore of Burrard Inlet. North Vancouver to be precise. If you drive west on Marine Drive, through West Vancouver, you will reach Point Atkinson with its famous lighthouse. Across the water is Point Grey. Together, these points mark the entrance to English Bay, and Vancouver Harbor, to the east.

During the Thanksgiving weekend, my family got together for what has become an annual dinner at my sister’s home.

I took Liddy out to Point Atkinson for a ramble and captured this shot.

I like the patterns the clouds make across the water, their moodiness, and the general atmosphere.

About Dave Scott

I have been hanging about the Pacific Northwest between Washington and British Columbia for most of my days. A brief sojurn to Quebec in my younger years, and another in Alberta not so many years ago are the only times when I have not called the Wet Coast my home.