Change is in the Wind

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A couple of weeks ago, I gave my boss a note saying it was time. Time for me to move on. Time to change my responsibilities.

In September I will not be commuting 50 plus miles to the same office four or five times every week. Liddy will not be able to tease Tom into clucking like a chicken before giving her a doggy treat. I will be a network support person only to my new office at The Home.

Some of my responsibilities at The Home will be similar to those I have now. I will continue as Chief Technology Officer and Photographer in Chief, but I will also take on new challenges as Wood Technologist, Landscape Architect and Chief Dish Washer.

Perhaps I will finally get the west garden completed

My new position will require a fair amount of research. It will be necessary to visit centers that offer ideas on how to improve my techniques with wood, or to get new landscaping ideas. I will need to travel to known centers of culinary and oenological1 excellence. How else is one supposed to learn and grow ones knowledge after all?

This new assignment at The Mad House Home will be challenging. I expect lots of opportunities to come our way. I will be sharing our adventures and discoveries when I get a moment. I hope you can take a moment to stop by and join us.

  1. Oenology: The science and study of all aspects wine and winemaking.