Yesterday I was extolling on the moments when the clouds part and the sun is able to put in an appearance here in the Northwest, and for more than a few milliseconds.

This double rainbow was captured in Fife as Liddy and I were on our way home from the office. Mt Rainier is somewhere in behind all of that rain, you might see it hiding behind that rainbow.

April has been a hectic month for us. June was off to a four day quilting retreat last weekend. It was also the Puyallup Spring Fair last weekend. After picking up June from her retreat, we worked the last shift at the Photo Competition Booth. The weekend before that we helped with the photo judging and preparing the prints for display.

This weekend we completed the Tacoma Photographic Society annual competition. I spent any of my free time this past week preparing all of the entries for judging. My thanks to all of my friends who helped with this. It feels good to have that behind us.

As I said it has been a hectic month. I took this shot the other day.
The Mountain
I thought it would be good to show that the mountain was just behind the rainbow.

So… A Rainbow on the way home earlier in the month. A good omen me thinks.