Proctor Farmers Market

Last week (April 8th) Liddy and I wandered over to Tacoma’s Proctor District to see what was happening at the Proctor Farmers Market.

It was blustery. That would be chilly, blowing with the occasional light rain squall coming through. Not the best day to go down to a street market, or any market for that matter.

We did find a lot of people out however. Lots of other dog owners. Lots of kids. I really enjoyed the conversation I had with Ivan, owner of Honey Bear Farms in Olympia. We struck up a conversation around Liddy. He told me that he has a 1 year old Australian Shepard who is in need of some training. Apparently his previous companion decided to chase a deer across the road before looking for traffic.

Like me, Ivan, has some hearing issues. He was quite interested when I mentioned that Liddy alerts me to beepers and alarms in the kitchen. He recounted an occasion when he was working with his hives and felt the vibration through the ground. Turning about he found a black bear with a cub not 20 feet behind him. Fortunately the mother bear permitted him to put his truck between him and them. Ivan said it was this experience prompted him to get his new Aussie.

Ivan says they really enjoy the Proctor market. I enjoyed the moment I had with him. I hope Liddy and I will be able to visit with him next time we are there.