Pareto Rules

Thanks to the few

According to Wikipedia, Vifredo Pareto had a moment of brilliance when he realized that 20% of his pea plants produced the majority of his crop. This was in 1896. Pareto was an economist. As an economist he found the observation remarkable enough to talk about. Thus the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 Rule was born.

So what does this have to do with Northwest Moments?

Well it occurred to me (after my second cup of coffee this morning) that most of our travels are like this. We are searching to experience the gems of a place, not the place itself. It is the 20% that has us coming back again and again.

Take Gig Harbor, WA for example. It sprawls across a big part of the south end of the Kitsap Peninsula. A lot of Northwest rural/urban (ruban? – no, that’s a sandwich) development. Mostly scattered housing developments and the odd commercial strip here and there. To most of us, this is just like home. Why would we want to visit a place just like home?

I want to visit Gig Harbor to feast on the serenity of the harbor itself. I am willing to wait for a seat at the Tides Tavern because I can enjoy a glass while soaking up the sounds and sites of this enchanting little place that is absolutely a must visit when traveling Washington Highway 16. I enjoy taking many moments to stroll along the waterfront, visiting the small shops and eateries where I make my meager contribution to their economy.

It is the enjoyment these moments that make Northwest Travel so rewarding. It is this 20% of a place that completes the other 80%.