Ant Hills and Snake Balls

First Garter Snake of the Year

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Not the best portrait as there is a stalk of grass obscuring the nose of our friend here. But hey – I wasn’t about to get closer to move it out of the way. Probably would have lost the moment if I had.

Weaving Garter Snakes
Not ten feet away from my feature creature, was this group of snakes weaving higgly-piggly in front of a pile of rocks. I have never seen a snake ball before so this is a close first for me.
According to Wikipedia, Garter Snakes behave like this when they emerge from ‘brumation’. Wikipedia states that this is a mating thing and the males may be out first laying in wait for the females to emerge and … well you know.

Ants Move In
On the same day, beside the path was this big colony of wood ants. They are quite common here in the Pacific Northwest.
This is a new nest and it surprised me as it is right beside a water filled ditch.

Ants Move in Closer
I zoomed in closer to get a better view of the ants.

Between the snakes and the ants, they are so alien from us as mammals and absolutely fascinating. We always spend more than a moment when we come across these guys.