Riding the Rails

It was my free Friday. Liddy had just been to the Vet for her annual exam and shots. The weather was stunning so we took the opportunity to go up to Seattle to do some street photography.

Rather than get caught up in the traffic, I decided to take the Sounder Link Light-Rail from the new Angle Lake Station in SeaTac. I’m glad I did as the views from the platform are stupendous. The Parkade is attractive with it’s blue facade and even at 10:00am there were lots of stalls still available.

Puget Sound, and Mt Rainier just popped. I need to come back and set up the tripod for some sunrise or sunset moments. These are just snapshots.

The system is relatively new, so the cars are clean and bright. This was a new experience for Liddy. She adapts well.

Leaving the train at Westlake, Liddy and I walked over to Pike Place Public Market and then down 1st Avenue to Pioneer Square. We boarded the train back to SeaTac at the International District Station.
Of course I had to walk past the new Weyerhaeuser offices just because.

As far as the street photos in Seattle… Eh… Nothing remarkable. While Pike Place Public Market is always a source of images – the fruits and vegetables are always great – I didn’t capture any exciting people shots. Always looking for the moment.

We will be doing this excursion more often as it is an easy, relaxing way to spend A Northwest Moment in Seattle.