RC Boats on Waughop Lake

This past Saturday I had some time so Liddy and I went out to explore Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood. I had it on good authority that I might find some waterfowl by Waughop Lake. We had been here before, but didn’t have enough time for a decent exploration. We just found the outstanding dog park and lots of reasons to take a moment to return.

The park is undergoing major renovations, especially around the lake where they are replacing the walking. They have also cleared out a lot of under growth and larger cottonwood trees which may have an impact on the waterfowl. I also found, while researching this article, that the lake is [stocked with trout] and the bass population is self supporting. This would explain the young eagle fishing for lunch.

Click on an image to see them in a full screen slideshow.

The exciting find was Jerry Dunlap and his friend messing about with some RC Boats. They were making these little guys scream across the surface of the lake just like the full scale models. Lots of fun, and an opportunity for me to practice panning. As you can see, I have lots of room for improvement here. I will have to arrange to meet these guys again and take a moment to focus on their passion.