Autumn Road Trip [5]

Kangaroo Ridge

The sun was just hitting the peaks when we made Washington Pass. At 5500 feet, the highway is approaching the tree line.

From the lookout at the top of Washington Pass, you can look south towards Kangaroo Pass. Highway 20 sweeps down from here, eastward towards Winthrop. As your eye moves from the highway in the bottom right towards the peaks, you can see the Alpine Larch. They have turned golden getting ready for winter. This is a coniferous tree that sheds its needles during the winter.

I imagine the snow gets pretty deep up here in the winter. Not a fun place to be. Perhaps that’s why they don’t maintain the road, closing it during the coldest months.

From here, Liddy and I drove down to Winthrop and found a campground for the night. Haven’t been out camping for years. We could as I hadn’t thought to pack a few essentials. Note taken.