Ginger Julep

Ginger JulepOur good friends Paul & Kathy Cooper came down from Vancouver, BC, this past weekend. We went up to University Village in Seattle to wander about and have lunch.

There is a lot of  renovation and change happening at U Village. Some of the shops and restaurants we enjoyed are gone to be replaced by new ones. We chose a pleasant patio table at Piatti’s.

Piatti offers an Italian menu and our waiter suggested the Crispy Risotto Fritters. A pile of doughnut holes that were just… well lets just say Tim Bits don’t hold a candle to them.

My ill spent youth and genetics are catching up with me. The body is rejecting those alcoholic beverages that are so delightful Confused smile – I have decided that if I can only have a drink in a day, then I’m going to choose my poison carefully.

So, what to do? A Shirley Temple or a Roy Rogers, they just don’t show up on todays drink menus. Can’t imagine why.

This beverage was a delightful Ginger Julep. Probably way too much sugar, but that is easier to deal with. Going to have to find a recipe for this.

Oh and because of my restraint, I was able to enjoy an excellent Barbera from Jacuzzi Family Vineyards with dinner. A souvenir from our California trip earlier this year.

Great moments with Paul and Kathy.