Boise Creek

Boise Creek Revisited

Back in July, Liddy and I found this awesome cascade just 30 minutes from home. I posted about it here, Old Mill Falls.

Sunday afternoon, we packed up the full kit, and went back.

I Think This is Private Property

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Liddy was trying to be helpful and point out the notices about Private Property.
Hancock Timber wants everybody to know you are entering private land.

Did you get the permit

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Yes Liddy, I did get the permit. Hancock only charges $8.00 for a day pass if you want to walk or ride (non motorized) in. We didn’t know this back in July – well we did after we saw the signs.

Boise Creek Falls

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In addition to learning the name of the creek, I also happened upon a website which is an index of Northwest Waterfalls. The Northwest Waterfall Survey
This site claims the falls are 60 feet tall. One of my pet peeves about sites is the lack of dates. This page claims that Weyerhaeuser sold the property to Hancock in 2003 and then cut off public access. This may have been true 10 years ago, but as I have found, Hancock has a very good plan for recreational use of its timber lands. $8.00 is cheaper than a day pass to the Washington State Parks.

Bryan Swan at waterfallsnorthwest is probably run right off his feet trying to maintain this site. I was just reading his latest blog post and find that there is a site update in the works.

Boise Creek Cascade

Image 4

One of the things that I appreciate about the way Hancock is managing this land is the restriction on shooting and hunting. I feel a bit safer walking the woods here because of this. In some areas near our home, (less than a mile from major subdivisions) it is not uncommon to bump into hunters. There have been times when Liddy and I have decided to return to the car rather than risk walking into someones target practice session. Kinda scary really.

Oh well, just another moment here in the Northwest.

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