Strong Stuff

Where did August Go?

August was just nuts. Made it through the month and only picked up the camera to put it down again. Frustrating.

June’s leg is healing nicely thank you, and after some physiotherapy, she should be right as rain. You can see her walking cast in the group photos below.

Strong Family Gather – 2016 edition

So this is our annual Strong Family Gathering.


Our family, on my mother’s side – the Strongs – get together pretty much every year. Barb and Donny Smith do a fabulous job hosting this motley crew for dinner and playtime.

Give Us a Wave Then


Somebody said wave, so we did.

Family gone nuts


Somebody said show your good side…

Eileen Brooks – July 26, 1927 / August 12, 2016

Sadly, before the month was out, we came together again. This time to celebrate the life of Aunt Eileen Brooks. My cousins put on an excellent Irish Wake to send her on her way.


She will be missed.

Where did August Go?

So, in answer to the question I posed at the beginning of this article; August went on tour, up and down I5 between Bonney Lake and Abbotsford.