Catching some rays

Catching some rays

Things are pretty much getting back under control here on the ridge. I took June up to see her orthopedic surgeon last Friday. We got the news that she was healing well. Don’t put any pressure on the foot for another few weeks.

Liddy and I are back to our regular routine, we were going to make a trip up to Poulsbo to see our friend Dick Padilla Yesterday. Some issues came up and I thought I was coming down with a cold – yep cold was confirmed last night – so we didn’t get there. Maybe next week.

So, a pretty quiet week. Couple of trips to the park – Liddy is getting much more cooperative with her modeling – and Wednesday was Snake day.

There is a very healthy population of Garter Snakes in Clear Creek Park.
They give me the willies.
Not so much a scare, as a start.

Usually don’t notice them until I’m right on top of them. Takes a millisecond to realize what it is that is scurrying away in such an un-natural way – ok its natural for a snake. Anyway, this one, and its friend were quite pretty, I thought, curled up on the log like this. We took a moment to enjoy.