Old Mill Falls

Old Mill Falls

Liddy and I were out on a mission of discovery Sunday. We wandered past Enumclaw, to the location of the old Weyerhaeuser White River Sawmill. My map still shows the log pond beside SR 410 so I thought there might be the possibility of birds or something.

We bumped into a couple of guys who were doing their own exploring. They suggested I might want to walk up the old logging trail a way. There is a path leading into the forest that follows a creek they said.

They were not exaggerating when they said the trail was magical. Soft, west coast path surrounded by blankets of Shamrocks. Deeper into the forest we came upon this cascade.


It was an exploratory mission. Didn’t have my full kit. No tripod, no macro lenses, just my walkabout kit and the energizer puppy.

We will be back – you will see this creek again – it’s only 20 minutes from our front door!