Sounds of Falling Water

Small Waterfall

Yesterday was July 4th. Independence Day! The most celebrated day in the American Calendar.

Unfortunately, most of my neighbors take the concept of the rockets red glare just a bit too far. The thunder of the battlefield began in earnest about 2 hours prior to sunset and continued well beyond midnight. Many good Benjamins were slain for the sake of a small glow and a big bang.

Talk about instant gratification, or money going up in smoke.

It is the bang I have a problem with. I have trouble enjoying the subtleties of sound produced by small cascades such as the one pictured above. I truly object to the constant crash we are subjected to for the sake of a small fizzle.
Liddy is not a great fan either. She lay between June and I all evening, shaking constantly. Not at all an enjoyable moment.

I would much rather enjoy a choreographed display set to music. One I can enjoy from a distance. One where bursting starburst dances with the crescendo of some classic by Handel. I don’t hear the subtleties of that either, but like the brook cascading over the bank, I can enjoy the quiet moments.

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