Brookside Flowers and Ferns

Brookside Flowers and Ferns

Northbound Adventure

Another trip to North Vancouver, another adventure. This time it was on the way north.

The occasion was the wedding of our good friends Paul & Kathy Cooper’s son Steven to Gina-Lily D’Attilio.

Kelly drove up from Berkeley to join us so we got away late on Friday afternoon.
We stopped for dinner at a pub in Mill Creek. Liddy announced her need for a walk by passing gas to which Kelly, in the back seat with her, announced a need to exit the vehicle rapidly.
At this point, I had Liddy and we were heading out for a convenient place for a doggy to do.
Meanwhile, back at the car, Kelly was stuck in the back because the child locks were engaged. We do this as we have the grand-kids frequently.
June rushed to get the back door open and in so doing snagged herself on something which caused her to trip. During the fall, she managed to break her leg! Ouch!

Fortunately, June didn’t try to put any weight on the foot, so when we got to the urgent care clinic, the prognosis was good. No surgery. Simple splint. Have a nice day.

So, we arrived at my sister’s house in North Vancouver, shortly after midnight, carried June up the stairs, into the house and collapsed into bed.

Wedding Day

So Saturday was the wedding. Fortunately, June has been able to build up a strong pain threshold during the last 40+ years with me, and was not hurting. Bonus – putting on a dress over the splint was relatively simple.

We arranged to rent a wheel chair, so off we went.

Wedding was great. The venue was at a place called Camp Howdy on the eastern shore of Indian Arm. You get to it through Belcarra Park. It was however the wettest day in June so we had to be indoors.

Father’s Day

Sunday was Father’s Day. Woo-Who for me.
While June was keeping her leg up, Liddy and I went into the park that follows Mosquito Creek. We could walk and I could practice with the camera. The park is great – left undeveloped, and dogs are walked off leash – wonderful temperate rain forest.

This is where we came across these delicate flowers and ferns with the brook cascading behind.

Liddy got to practice as a Therapy Dog, keeping June company in the sun room.

It was Parker’s birthday too, so we had to have a cake.

A Quiet Drive Home

The trip home was uneventful. June got to share the back seat with Liddy. We stopped in Blaine for lunch and got some appointments set to have the leg looked at.

About the Leg

So we got in to see a bone doctor on this past Friday. The splint came off and a walking boot cast went on. June will be modeling this fashion statement for 6 to 8 weeks – yippee! The fracture is a simple one and should heal well.

The wedding we were going to attend next weekend… well maybe not. Sorry Amy. June won’t be doing too much wandering for a few weeks.

Never a dull Northwest Moment