First June Weekend

PetCo Retriever

PetCo Retriever

It was HOT!

It was so hot today that…
Well it really wasn’t that hot, but it was hot.

Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, June, Liddy and I drove up to Vancouver for a late surprise birthday celebration for my brother, Peter. He marked his 60th Birthday back in January. But, being so close to Christmas and New Years, nothing was done – usual thing this. June has her birthday the day after Christmas and feels gypped every year. Oh well…

Anyway, I was saying, we drove up to Vancouver on Saturday for the party. I think it was a great success, and Peter was actually surprised. Good job Sue.

Air Condition – Hot!

Today, on the return trip home, the AC in the Honda decided now was a good time to crap out. Temperatures approaching 90, and we are up for a three-hour drive south on I5.
Running down I5 with the windows open is not a fun way to spend the afternoon. Good way to mess up my hearing. (Oh – too late 🙂 all ready messed up.)

Border Crossing Bother

Next, found out that dog food of type Lamb is not allowed to be imported into the US – seems our young CBP agent had been reading up on the rules. Didn’t matter that the packages we had to show were sealed and loudly proclaimed – Made in the USA.

Oh well, he didn’t make a federal case out of it and let us go.

Now that I have had a chance to do some research on the topic I find that…

The policy on importing food into the US can be found here. This article goes on about all types of food in personal baggage. The term “Pet Food” is buried as the article is about all types of food. You should do a thorough read on this if you are traveling into the US because there is a lot of good information here, pets or no pets.

Yup no lamb, sheep or goat products in pet food. Or any food for that matter. What a royal PIA. Guess Liddy is going to have to get used to a different diet while on the road. We like to have each meal portioned out into a ziplock bag. Makes meals mindless.

The Canadians don’t care what you bring as long as it is for the personal use of your pooch or kitten. Seems they don’t really think you are going to poison the entire pet population of Canada with one or two bits of kibble. Mind you, they do want to see the packaging, something about showing origin is from the US or Canada, so I guess our habit of prepackaging Liddy’s meals has to change. You can find out more about the Canadian Policy here.

Marymoor Park

The road noise finally got to me near Arlington, so we left I5 in favor of SR9.

SR9 runs parallel to I5 a few miles to the east. It makes for a slower, more scenic route from the Canadian Border south to Redmond, WA. There was less traffic, and thankfully, less noise.

In Redmond, we pulled into Marymoor Park for a break. First time to the off leash dog park there. It is a magnificent place to run your hound on a hot, or any, day!

The 40 acre dog park provides access to the Samamish River. You can wade out into it at a number of spots. Liddy didn’t wade. She leaped in and swam out to fetch this disk that had been strategically abandoned. Do you think we can convince PetCo that they should donate some beef or chicken based pet food for our next trip north?

Thanks for letting us share another Northwest Moment with your.