Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day
Liddy and I took a longer walk this morning. Its been a few weeks since we have been by the pond along Fennel Creek. We were rewarded by this mother mallard and her brood rapidly leaving the bank our path is on. Do you think mum noticed Liddy coming, or was she running from me?

A Hectic Week

It has been a hectic week. Let’s see…


Home from our trip to Berkeley where we were visiting with our son Kelly, and his girlfriend, Jes. We left Berkeley on Friday, stayed a night in Medford, and then stayed an extra day in Portland to do some shopping.


Picked up the grand-kids, Skylar and Parker on the way home from work. Mum and Dad were busy with other things through Saturday.


Liddy and I went up to visit with Dick and Mary Padilla at Lunch time. It was a gorgeous day enjoying a coffee with dear friends overlooking Liberty Bay in Poulsbo, WA.


In the morning, we piled into the car and headed up to Seattle. We met up with Jes and her associate Roberto at The Crumpet Shop. They were in town for a conference relating to their doctoral studies.

The Crumpet Shop is just around the corner from Pike Street Market. It is always high on our places for brunch. I particularly like the eggs with salmon paste – on a crumpet of course. Funny thing, a couple from England sat down beside us and during our conversation we found they were not aware of anything quite like The Crumpet Shop back home.

Pike Market

Walking about Pike Place Market, we enjoyed the vendors and the flowers – always amazing those flowers. The kids had never been to the market before so they had to ride the brass pig.

Ride the Pig

Ride the Pig
The pig is a holdover from a fundraiser some years ago. As you can see, it is well polished. An indication that lots of people like to ride the pig.

Liddy Rides the Pig Too

Liddy Rides the Pig
Even Liddy had to get up and see what the fuss is all about.

We said our goodbyes to Jes and Roberto. Jes had an errand to complete, and was returning to Berkeley on Sunday so our visit was cut short. We completed a few errands of our own before returning home to find that Leah and Greg were waiting for us.

We enjoyed Mother’s Day dinner early. Dessert was special. Leah had made a strawberry shortcake using my Mother’s recipe. It is sponge cake with meringue, cream and strawberries of course.

The kids went home with Mum and Dad, and we collapsed in front of a movie.

All in all, an exhausting, but excellent week and many good moments. Hope yours was as much fun as ours!

ps. Just found out that the Market was hosting a Flower Festival. Appropriate for Mother’s Day weekend. Thanks to Jes from Leah and June for their bouquets.

Trust you enjoyed our Northwest Moment…