A Big Crash

A Small Crash
It has been too long since we last traveled the Oregon Coast. Today we packed up our bags and ran south for some R&R. One particular destination I had in mind was Cape Perpetua, between Yachats, and Florence. The attraction is a hole in the beach called “Thor’s Hammer”.

Thor’s Hammer is nothing more than a lava tube at tide level. When the tide is high, the water washes over the beach and seems to drain into this small (about 20×20) squarish hole. Given the right light, the effect can be stunning. Well, the light was not good enough to justify getting close enough for some good shots. The tide was right, and the sea was cooperating, but the clear skies with sunset not for many hours yet… Well, no I wasn’t about to risk the wrath of some wave like this one sneaking up behind me.

We will be back though. Have a couple of things to do before then. First, Liddy needs to get comfortable with the thunderous crash of the waves. I really had her spooked and had to take her back to the car. Second, I need to get some Neutral Density (ND)Filters. A Lee Little Stopper, or maybe a Big Stopper would have gone a long way to helping with these exposures.

After the Crash
These images were captured at ISO 100, /f22 with a polarizing filter which allowed me to slow the shutter to 1/15th and 1/10th of a second. I would like to slow it a tad more. This would introduce more movement into the flow returning into the ocean from the beach. On the other hand, this might put too much blur into the waves cresting in the background. Whichever, without these ND filters, I can’t play.

One thing to watch out for if you have a chance to play in the surf like this. Salt Spray is deadly for cameras and lenses. Cover them up! Also, the spray puts spots on the exposed optics real quick. Keep your equipment covered and have a wipe cloth ready.