Wetland Boundary

Wetland Buffer Boundary

Liddy and I usually spend our lunch hour walking the paths around and through Clear Creek Park. We have been doing this for three years now. The park is a great place to come to to get some fresh air and exercise.

One of the amusing things I see along the way is this sign declaring a Wetland Buffer Boundary. It looks q bit silly standing in almost four feet of water declaring its message. Mighty small boundary I’m thinking!

In all fairness to the parks department, this area used to be dry land. The pond was created by beavers who have been busy building dams and dropping trees. It will be interesting to see if the boardwalk survives for another season. We hope so because we do enjoy our walks together here!

About the shot.

I should know better than to shoot Liddy on an extremely bright sunny day. Her coloring makes the exposure a real challenge. I usually shoot 2/3 to one stop over, so I can pull back on the exposure in post processing. Because her color goes from black to white, this option isn’t always available without a lot of futzing about. Oh well, it was just for fun!