Log Lounging

Log Lounging

It has been a while. Over 2 months since I have made time to post here. It has been a bit chaotic. My last post in January declared the Liddy had been certified as a Therapy Dog.

When I decided to go for the certification, my motivation was a little bit selfish. I have a good friend who is living in an assisted living facility. I could easily visit with him, but without the certification, I thought Liddy would have to spend the time in the car. This makes that unnecessary. In fact, she is most welcome to come visit.

Today, we went on our first visit, and I am proud to say she was magnificent. As usual, she got lots of compliments on her good looks, but her good manners were golden. It felt good, and I got quick feedback from my friend’s spouse saying he was happy for the visit.

I look forward to more opportunities as they help Liddy gain confidence in stressful situations (and she was stressed.) And I look forward to more opportunities to bring some sunshine into some, otherwise, dreary days.

A win for all me thinks.

About the image…
Unfortunately, we only get out under the high noon sun. Most other times, we are just too rushed to stop and shoot when the light is good.