Therapy Dog!

wpid-130825_das_1656.jpgIf you had asked me back in July, of 2014, I would have, and did say, that Liddy would never qualify as a Therapy Dog. Really, this 40 pound bundle of energy that wants everything moving her way working with kids? Well, its been a trip! The journey isn’t over, but today we reached a significant milestone.

Today, Liddy has qualified as a therapy dog as required by Therapy Dogs International.

One of the tests requires the dog and team to approach a crowd of people. In this case there were almost a dozen people making up the crowd, including a number of kids. It was a good thing we were the last to take this test because Liddy had her head down in one kids lap within a minute. She just eats up the affection. As I said, 2 years ago, I would not have believed it possible.

We are really proud of our little puppy, and as our friends are aware, we devote a lot of time to her. The great thing is that she returns our love and attention in so many ways.

Anyway, we had a great moment today, and wanted to share.