A wild ride

Skylar takes off on a fantasy ride aboard the head of the legendary Ogopogo.

Skylar takes off on a fantasy ride aboard the head of the legendary Ogopogo.

We are in Kelowna  British Columbia today wrapping up a wild ride through the last several weeks .

It started with the run to Revelstoke, British Columbia. This was to honor June’s aunt Peggy Tapping’s wish to have her ashes interred beside her late husband Glen’s, in the family plot.

Most Canadians don’t think twice about driving long distances. The distance between major centers can be mind blowing to the uninitiated. This trip was of that nature, being just shy of 500 miles.

Our good friends Rod & Gail Henderson live in Armstrong, only 80 miles from Revelstoke, so l gave them a call to let them know we would be in the neighborhood which developed into an invitation to stay with them. A great solution because we would have lots of time with Rod & Gail while at the same time, we would make the event in Revelstoke and have time to meet with family there.

That was Thursday & Friday. Saturday found us driving to Abbotsford BC where we joined my family’s annual summer gather. The high lite this year was celebrating Aunt Eileen’s 88th birthday.  Sunday couldn’t be a quiet drive home. Nope! Liddy & Charlie (my cousin’s dog) had a little tiff over a ball. This introduced us to the Fraser Valley Emergency Vet Hospital in Langley. Four stitches later we were finally able to head home and close out the week.

August 1st weekend was slow by comparison. We went to the Renaissance Faire and got caught up on chores. I will post some of my Faire photos later this week.

Last weekend we were on the road again. This time to Mission BC for a reception to celebrate cousin Donna’s daughter, Amanda’s marriage to Garrett. We stayed with cousin Lynda and had a wonderful time chatting with the kids and family who didn’t make the earlier gather.

This brings us to Kelowna, where we find ourselves this morning. It was June’s family’s turn. The occasion being the 60th wedding anniversary of Dave & Joyce Insley. How can You not celebrate such a milestone!

Back in the car again. This time we have our Grand daughter Skylar, with us, and this is how she came to be riding Ogopogo in Kelowna. The celebration was a garden party with many guests, some of whom came distances much greater than ours. As l said, how can you not celebrate such a milestone!

And with that, it is time to rouse the troops to get in the car for the drive home. A few more moments in the Northwest.