Spring is slipping away

As we all know, time waits for no man. With another family of goslings paddling around the pond, it is obvious that we have blown another spring. Well, almost…

It is mid May. Summer doesn’t officially arrive for 30+ more days. Sure doesn’t feel like it though. Walking about in shirt sleeves. Winter was a promise that never happened…

A Canada Goose watches over the flock.

A Canada Goose watches over the flock.

Liddy was taking me for my daily walk when we captured this family of Canada Geese paddling across the pond. They were actually looking to come up onto the bank and forage for dinner.

What I take to be the Gander was keeping a watchful eye and wouldn’t stay in a location where Liddy and I were too close. Seems to think we are wolves or something.

This is how we enjoy our Northwest Moment. How do you enjoy yours?