After the Rain

I captured this shot in February, 2007. It was shortly after one of those late winter rains we get here in the Pacific North Wet. Very much a Northwest Moment.

Anyway, I entered it into the Tacoma Photographic Society Projection Theme Competition this week and was blown away when it received 18 popular votes – first place for the evening. It was even more amazing because I didn’t spend a lot of time preparing the entry. What follows is how I found, selected and prepared this image.

The theme for the competition was RAIN. I did a keyword search in my Lightroom catalogue for anything to do with rain and weather. These were a couple of the obvious ones…

downpour  Rain on Glass

Should also be obvious why they were considered for less than a millisecond.

I did however, find a number of shots of one of the Japanese Maples in our garden. It was covered with raindrops hanging from its branches, appropriately enough, after a rainfall.

These three shots showed the most promise, so I did some quick crops. You can see full capture on the left, and the crop on the right.

Rain 2nd Choice  Rain 2nd Choice
This image was dismissed because it is too dark.

Rain Choice 3  Rain Choice 3
The background on this one is too bright and distracting.

After the Rain Candidate  After the Rain

My winning pick was sharp enough across the full length of the branch. You can see the back woods clearly in each drop.
I like the light on the branch bringing out the wonderful red in the bark. The background is not overpowering my raindrops, and the out of focus drops in the background just add to the story.

In hindsight, a great capture typical of Northwest Moments, After the Rain.

Thanks to the Tacoma Photographic Society members for your votes.