It’s about focus

Some years ago, while lying on the beach in Hawaii, I was watching this little crab industriously cleaning up its burrow. I used the opportunity to see what I could do with extension tubes on a long lens.

You can see the precise band where the image is sharp and the foreground and background are out of focus. A very narrow band.

I have been thinking about this coming, and now with us, year. Resolutions are something I normally have no problem with. I tend to set the bar too high which means I don’t make them. No problem. No results either.

So this year, this year I think I will work to a theme. I will test the projects I undertake against the theme. If there is a fit, the project should proceed. If not, well you know.

This is where my first image for 2015 becomes relevant. This year my theme will be Focus.

To that end, I am dropping a lot of distractions. Removing the things that don’t matter so much. One thing that doesn’t matter is trying to maintain a number of custom, self hosted, web sites. I found that as I tried to simplify my process of uploading galleries with cool tools, I was loosing site of why I was posting the images. I was distracted by the tools and not focused on the content. As part of my refocus, I have closed my self hosted WordPress sites and moved them onto WordPress proper. Let them look after the updates and maintenance.

This theme presents our images out in front. Big and Bold. I love it. There are a number of features that I have yet to explore. Features that promise easier delivery of photography and easier delivery of workshops and tutorials. Things I just couldn’t get around to while I was distracted by the tools.

Ah well, New Year, Renewed Focus.

Enjoy the moment.