Snoquera Falls

Snoquera Falls is about 40 miles east of us on highway 410 towards Mt Rainier. A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to take some time to go shoot something. Snoquera Falls seemed like just the right place. According to the short blurb in “Hiking though History, Washington”, it is an easy hike.

Well, it was an easy hike. It was also an easy drive. Finding Camp Sherman, parking, and heading up the trail was simple as pie. Just remember to hang your Northwest Forest Pass or Discover Pass where it can be seen.

We hiked east out of the parking lot, following the trail in a long sweep with only one or two switch backs. Next time, I will go west as the western part of the trail is steeper and harder on my knees during the descent. It was also the more interesting section of the trail with some wonderful views of the park to the south west. You are hiking though what is likely virgin forest. The Douglas Firs have trunks that must be over six feet in diameter. Awesome.

The creek was flooding the path when we reached the falls. You can see this where Liddy is sitting. She was great. Never went more than forty feet away, always came back to check on me. She is going to be a wonderful companion on trips like this. She is sitting in the creek because she sensed somebody about to come around the bend in the trail. It was a fellow hiker whom we had met earlier in the parking lot, but it’s great that she was attentive and on the job for us.

Anyway, not competition quality images, but we will be back. It was, after all, an exploratory trip. Need to get up earlier I think J