Left to Right or Right to Left

Between Orting and South Prairie, there is a subdivision that did not survive the housing bubble. A paved road leads in through posts to what was to have been a gated community. Now it is a road leading into a pasture.
I like to spend a moment or two there walking with Liddy. We have seen elk, great blue herons, and eagles on these walks. The trees are encrusted with lichen, and in the morning fog it is magical.

Here are is an image of that place shown in two ways. The first is the original capture. In the second, I have flipped it horizontally.

Click on the images to open up the full screen “Photoswipe” viewer. Flip back and forth between the two images.

I like the first one better. The fence leads me deeper into the pasture as it fades into the mist getting out of the way so I can explore the pasture then come back to examine the forest in the background.
The other way around, and I feel constrained. As my eye moves from left to right over the image, I can’t get out of the pasture. I keep coming up to the fence and following it out of the picture. It takes an effort to lift the eye to enjoy the mist and the trees. Instead of leading me into the picture, the fence is holding me prisoner.
Of course the mist is contributing the feeling. It has a diagonal to it that descends in the 1st image emphasizing the movement from left to right.

Which one do you like best?