False alarm!

What a weekend we had! Friday night found June and I in Seattle moving our son, Kelly’s Thunderbird from one slip at the marina to another. Darn motor did not want to work so June found us a kind soul to tow us around. Kelly couldn’t do it as he is in Alaska.

Saturday morning June and I were out looking at some ideas for a kitchen remodel. We got home with enough time for a short nap before Leah, our daughter, called to say her contractions had started. Pack the bags and head to Bremerton. Turns out it was a false alarm. Real soon now, the doctor said yesterday. You’d think she was writing software, not producing a baby.

So Sunday was spent at the Gililland house, and as it became more and more obvious that we were participating in a rehearsal, I decided to run over to Seabeck and check out what the eagles and herons were up to. Skylar and I jumped into my Red Roadster and headed over the hill to Hood Canal.

Not much action from the birds, but enough for Skylar and I to enjoy a couple of hours in the fresh air and sunshine.