Seattle Summer Scene


It’s not quite summer yet. A month before the official date. And yet here we are thinking about having fun with boats. Even more ironic is the fact that aside from the week we were enjoying the moments on the west coast of Hawaii, it has been the usual Pacific North WET.

So, what brings the thought of a bright sunny day sailing about Lake Union to mind you ask…?

Well, it would be or son, Kelly, taking a moment to remind us that he has this sailboat. A Thunderbird, very much like this red racer here, as a matter of fact. Well, it wasn’t him exactly, it was the lass who manages the marina at which he keeps Tessa moored. Apparently Tessa needs to be moved. The work that was done to the marina (who knew) has been completed, and they want to get all of the boats back into their proper place ready for summer.

Why would I care you ask. Well it could be because our favorite son is in Alaska enjoying the extended sunshine of Prudhoe Bay. So who is going to move Tessa? Hum… I wonder. It’s going to be another fun weekend, I can tell.

There’s never a dull moment in this family.