Lei Day

Yesterday was May Day or as we found out on arrival in Honolulu, Lei Day. Yep, gonna be hard to make the event in Mission this Saturday, as June and I decided to wing out to the islands for a spell. It was really great to walk down the beach at Waikiki yesterday enjoying 80 degree temperatures and sunshine.

The timing here was determined by Kelly’s girlfriend, Jessica. She is representing her firm at a conference here in Honolulu this weekend. Never having been to Oahu before, we decided to use a travel package that we had to visit and see the sites while sharing some time with Jess and Kelly. On Sunday, we will jump over to Hawaii and spend the week in Kona. The kids will be our guests for the last half of the week.

So what have we been doing? June has been up to her usual REI activities, Dave (that would be me of course) continues to work a Squarerigger. We have been focused on getting the home in shape for an event later this summer. This would be the event to celebrate the entrance of a new grandson onto the stage in June. Leah and Greg are excited as are we all. Leah has included Skylar in all of the things she can, leading up to the event. I will enjoy watching how Skylar and the Gilillands adapt to Parker Clement. It will be a fun, full year.

As if Leah doesn’t have enough to keep her day full, she was offered a pair of Australian Shepards last week. Blu is a 3 year old male, and very blue. Skylar has taken to him very well. Liddy is a darker 2 year old female. She is adding to the chaos at Gililland Manor these next weeks while June and I enjoy Hawaii. When we return, Liddy will take up permanent residence here at the home where she will be responsible for herding us about and demanding attention.

I close with her portrait as I don’t have any photos from Hawaii yet.


Our newest family member.

Our newest family member.

More to come…