Christmas Cards; Some lessons learned

wpid-Mr-Mrs-Snow-xmas-2012.jpgHappy daze after Christmas!

The stockings were filled, the tree was ablaze,
Now Christmas is over, and we’re in a daze.

The kids are all gone, back west of the bridge.
Leftover Turkey spills out from the fridge.

Now it is quiet, just me and myself
Time to get planning for the return of the elf! [/box]
This year, I had every intention of getting the Christmas Cards out in time for… well Christmas.

Card stock purchased and ready

  • Printer loaded with ink
  • Distribution list from last year
  • Cover image ready before December 1.

Unfortunately, when you live by technology, you die by technology!

Lightroom has got to be one of the greatest tools for printing photos. The presets in version 4 are great! Well almost.
It turns out that when you use the option to save the print as a collection, you can’t assume that the collection will behave like a print template. There is no relationship between the template and the collection. Because my card is two-sided, the inside is treated as plain paper, the outside as photo paper. The settings have to be changed between prints. Not knowing this caused the outside, high quality images, to print in a really — well lets just say less that satisfactory results.

As a result, I put this project aside and went on with other things. When I got back to it, discovered the problem, and the fix — we were late again!

Oh well — time to order a box of card stock from my supplier. I’ll be ready next year.