If you are a photographer, and you want to conquer the techniques of small flash photography, the first resource I will send you to is David Hobby, and his Strobist blog. If you aren’t careful, you could learn something there. Like how to do this…

This Annas Humming Bird was captured in my back garden at a bright and sunny July morning. I was hand holding my 100-400mm zoom lens, 580EX flash and a Flash X-Tender, better known as a Better Beamer.

I set the shutter speed to 1/800 and the aperture to f/5.6. I wanted to diminish the ambient light and narrow the depth of field. Flash had to be set to high speed sync in order to work with this shutter speed. A bonus of the high speed sync is that the wings aren’t frozen. The rapid, repeated strobes puts in just enough motion. I think the results speak for themselves.