Updates and Upgrades



Several weeks ago, when I was adapting this WordPress Theme, Deep Focus, from Elegant Themes, I became quite frustrated because the pages would not render correctly in Internet Explorer. Firefox, worked great, not IE. As I had already devoted too many moments to the project, I decided to surrender to Firefox as my default browser.

Now some of you will say – so what – it’s a better browser. Or use Chrome, Google does great. Unfortunately, neither one of them plays well with some of the other Microsoft tools I use, making them inconvenient. Let’s face it convenience is what its all about.

Anyway, Elegant Themes released an update to the Deep Focus theme that fixes the problems we were experiencing. So, now the site renders properly in IE.  You may have to refresh the page first however.


This morning I took the plunge and upgraded my desktop to Windows 8. I subscribe to Microsoft’s TechNet, so have access to the release that will not be going public until October.

I am happy to report that the straight upgrade went without drama. There was a little angst when the installer requested that the Intel network drivers needed to be uninstalled – a computer not on the network is a brick these days – but the final result was a working computer with the new Metro Start Screen. Not sure how I’m going to work with this, but that is one reason for the upgrade.

Microsoft is not taking the tablet and Apple threat idly. The next couple of months leading in to Christmas are going to be very interesting. The technology debate will provide a more compelling diversion that will take us away from the political noise.