Changing it up! Our new look

The few of you out there who follow this blog will have noticed that I have changed the look and feel. That would be Theme in WordPress speak.

I will admit to being drawn to the eye candy that the previous theme presented, but I struggled with making it more intuitive, and being a good format to provide information behind the images. I’m hoping that the move to this theme, Deep Focus, by Elegant Themes, will meet our needs much better.

One of the nice things about this group is that they are more than one. There is a team that responds to questions posted on the forum, and they respond pretty quick. WordPress 3.4 came out this past week and broke the way the logo works. The workaround was posted within hours. Most of the forum user’s can read apparently as the same question keeps coming in, but as I said, the support desk was on it!

Another thing that convinced me to subscribe to Elegant Themes, was the depth of the product and the frequency of updates to old versions. There are a lot of themes available, and most have been updated recently. The addition of functionality that allows mobile devices to view my site without me having to mess with it is really great! Any of the themes with the Responsive Option adapt easily to a different sized screen.

Anyway, after struggling with IE rendering issues and giving up, I have to say they have done a pretty good job.

So, now that I have this new theme, what are we going to do with it?

Well, after I go through and refresh the images attached to previous posts so they display better, I want to get some tutorials posted. We gave my daughter a nice camera at Christmas, and she hasn’t taken it off Automatic yet. She is pretty sharp, and creative, so would benefit from some training sessions.

Next, my wife June operates an embroidery business. She is an excellent sewer, and we have designed some products that we think some of you might be able to put to good use. We also have the Tacoma Photographic Society’s Calendars to sell. So, I will be putting up an e-store to make these, and some of my better work, available for purchase.

Let me know how well we are doing here as we capture Another Northwest Moment.