I Surrender!


Microsoft owns the desktop. They used to be an arrogant bunch who, because of their position, thought that standards didn’t apply to them. Nope, they didn’t apply because they had a better idea and if they applied it, their idea would be accepted and that idea would become the standard.

Well, sometimes that strategy works. There are plenty of examples out there where the idea became the standard. PDF files from Adobe come immediately to mind.

Anyway, i have spent the better part of the weekend futzing about with my web site, trying to make it play in Internet Explorer 9. Firefox, no problem. Chrome, that’s a different issue for another rant.

It turns out that the site works just great in IE 9. Trouble is it is being detected as IE 7. Some features don’t work so good in IE 7. It’s more the theme developer’s fault than Microsoft, me thinks, but. And its a big BUT. Because Microsoft screwed around with IE 6, then 7 and 8 before seeing the light, the developer has to jump through hoops to make the theme render reasonably well in IE version previous.

I don’t have time for this.

Sorry, but I’m done.

Default browser is now Firefox, just like 35.2 % of the browsing public last month (May). IE has fallen to 18.1%. Top dawg out there is Google’s Chrome with 39.3%. Given Google’s self proclaimed desire to index the world, and get every last bit of information on line, I just can’t bring myself to surrender that far so, Firefox it is.

Maybe I should modify this theme to just not worry about the previous versions of IE. Humm – too much time spent already.