Racing Tugboats

Majestic Fountains Glendyne USCGC Henry Blake Racing Tug Boats Mighty Midget

Like the tugboats in Elliot Bay last weekend, we have been racing all over.

Last weekend was the Seattle Maritime Festival. It is a tribute to the industrial side of our beatiful Puget Sound.

I had the priviledge of sailing aboard Crowley’s harbor tug, the CHIEF. She is quite unique because of the drive mechanism she has. More like a bunch of oars like the old roman galley I am told. Hard to explain, so here is a link to Wikipedia. They can do a much better job than i.

The images above don’t do their subjects justice.

  1. The Tioga assisted the Vancouver Express out into the channel. She was heading out virtually empty, hence she is riding way high in the water.
  2. Four tugs are racing down the bay from the Cruise Ship Terminal to Alaska Way
  3. The USCGC Henry Blake maintains over 184 aids to navigation through out Puget Sound
  4. The HMCS Glendyne, a tug of the Royal Canadian Navy, traveled from Esquimalt, BC to participate.
  5. The Leschi, Seattle’s 108-foot fireboat displays it awesome ability to project water with two Foss harbor tugs on each flank. A beautiful site on a beautiful day with the snow capped Olympics in the background.

A big thanks to the crew of the Chief for making the opportunity possible, and to my son Kelly for inviting me along. It was a great day for it, as you can see by the blue skies and the view across the sound to the Olympic Mountains.