Magnolia Morning

Magnolia Blooms

It’s Tuesday morning… I took this shot on Sunday evening. The Magnolia is in the back garden. I thought I would get this post done on the same day, and move on. Obviously, as it’s Tuesday, that plan didn’t quite work out.

Yesterday was a typical, more than typical, Northwet day. A lot of rain, followed by more rain. It brightened up in the afternoon however, in time to make the drive home enjoyable except that I stopped at the Puyallup Fair Grounds to help set up the display of nearly 150 photos that were entered into Tacoma Photographic Society’s Spring Fair Competition. You may recall the post. The Fair opens on Thursday, and runs through Sunday.

One thing about the Fair, for me it marks the beginning of what is usually a whirl wind summer. Between the chores I whined about on Saturday, and all of the other things that keep us going, there never seems to be enough time.

So why do it? I guess it’s for the pleasure I get from seeing the work that others have done. I enjoy coaching and mentoring, and I enjoy studying the work of others who are clearly way above and beyond me. There is always a challenge. There is always satisfaction. This Magnolia bloom would not be in our garden if we didn’t take the time to do the chores. Then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to spend a moment working the camera to get the shot. An hour I stole for myself knowing it would result in something worth sharing. Enjoy!