Weekend Chores

On The Edge

’tis the weekend. Not only is it Saturday, it is a sunny Saturday, warm and bright. Let’s see… the honey do list is long, the must do list is longer, but there is overlap. I’ll start with those.

As I was edging the lawn, getting rid of those pesky blades of grass that dare to venture out onto the pavement. Wouldn’t do to have a passer-by trip on an out-of-place bit of grass would it. Anyway, as I was edging, I noticed a number of damned Dandelions. Tenacious buggers if I do say so myself. This one is right on the edge between lawn and sidewalk. Looks to be thriving. Well it was until I whacked it with the weed whacker. Anyway, as I proceeded to pass the mower across the lawn I contemplated how successful these plants are. They will grow anywhere. And usually, they look brilliant. If there are enough of them, they look absolutely brilliant. If they weren’t so prolific, we would probably honour them the same way we honour the Marigold.

Interesting thought I thought.