Another Sunny Spring Day

Inquisitive Goose

Had to get out of the office at lunch!

First, I have vowed to get out and walk every day this week. Second, it was too good a day to waste!

Beside our offices in Silverdale, is the Clear Creek Nature conservancy. This is the riparian (stream banks) area along a stream known as Clear Creek. There are walking trails that will take you down to Dyes Inlet, or up through the forest. The paths are well maintained, and you will meet many others taking advantage of the park.

I spotted this Canada Goose sitting on her nest last week, during one of my lunch time walks. I’m looking forward to seeing the family hatch out and begin swimming in the slough where the creek drains into the inlet.

Out of the series of images I took, this one was fun because of the tilt of her head. Its like she is looking back as wondering what the heck I’m doing. What’s so strange about a mother looking out for her family.