Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is the one holiday that has morphed the most over the years. I have memories of going to the big parade of Easter Bonnets at Second Beach in Stanley Park. The ladies would parade through the park in their new spring hats. After church, of course.

In Quebec, we attended the Anglican Church, it was across the street from the United Church. After service, both congregations would get together and mingle – showing off the Easter Bonnets of course.

Now we live here in Washington. The Pacific Northwest, where a sunny spring day like we had today, is really special. But we don’t do the church thing, and I don’t think anybody does the Easter Bonnets anymore. The Easter Bunny has taken over.  What is it with this weird rabbit dropping eggs anyway? How did a mammal suddenly co-opt the birds for eggs? And totally strange to me when I first saw it was an Easter Egg Tree? Now that is really weird.

What hasn’t changed is getting together with friends, neighbors and family. Any excuse for a party, but any party that brings the family home for a moment is a great time.